World Irish Dance Association

The World Irish Dance Association (W.I.D.A.) was set up to offer the opportunity to promote and develop Irish Dancing in today's business arena.

Based in mainland Europe, W.I.D.A. organises competitions, workshops and examinations to aid in the development of a good standard in Irish Dancing.

A prior knowledge of Irish Dancing is not a requirement to become a fully qualified Irish Dance Instructor (T.C.R.G) or Adjudicator (A.D.C.R.G) with W.I.D.A as we offer all interested parties the opportunity to train and learn from our own experienced and certified instructors. This training will enable those who did not grow up with Ireland's national dance style the option to pass on their new knowledge to the next generation of dancers and teachers.

An examination programme and schedule has been developed to encourage those with an interest in Irish dance to become certified teachers and adjudicators with W.I.D.A.  Candidates will be able to progress through the programme at their own pace as they develop their knowledge and skills without the pressure of deadlines and will be fully certified when they are ready to complete the examination process.

W.I.D.A. will also where possible promote the language, music and culture of Ireland in appropriate settings and also encourage all students and teachers to participate in programmes which will be offered by W.I.D.A.

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